Regional Descriptions

Central / South American Beans

The coffees produced in this region are the most commonly consumed coffee beans in the world. In general, they produce a light to medium bodied brew, nutty and sweet with a bright edge of acidity.

Mid Eastern / African Beans

Known for their rich aromatic qualities, these coffees produce a medium to full bodied cup, with wonderfully bright, fruity overtones and deeper hints of spice and chocolate.

Far Eastern / Indonesian Beans

The character of Indonesian coffees is rich and complex. The distinctive qualities produce a rich, earthy brew with low to winy acidity, full body and a smooth finish.

European Roasts

The full flavor potential of any coffee bean is achieved through the roasting process. In general, a light roast gives a lighter, more complex taste, while a dark roast brings out fuller body, stronger flavor and a bittersweet finish. There are many degrees between the lightest and darkest roasts to accommodate different tastes and brewing methods. Commonly, the light to medium roasts make the best cup of drip or percolator coffee, while the darker roasts are well suited to making espresso or French pressed coffee.

Special Blends

Combining two or more varietals or roasts can create many wonderful tastes. Popular blends like Mocha Java and Viennese are so common that many people do not realize they are composed of more than one type of bean. Like the roasts, different blends can be formulated for different needs. Our Capricorn House blend and Breakfast blend are great for drinking any time of day, while the Epicurean and Continental blends are more sophisticated, and add the perfect touch of richness as an after-dinner coffee.

Decaffeinated Coffees

Any type of coffee bean can be decaffeinated, through one of two main methods on the market today. The first method is a chemical process; the second method is a pure water process. Both are equally effective in removing almost all of the caffeine from the coffee beans, but the water process is more costly due to the time and care involved.

Flavored Coffees

Our hand crafted flavored coffees start with 100% Columbian Coffee, roasted to Capricorns signature light roast. Once the coffee has cooled, the beans are blended with precise amounts of flavor essences to best achieve a smooth and delightful finished cup.