Black Teas


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Fully fermented black tea from India. Produces a rich, red liquor when brewed.

$14.00 / lb

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Ceylon Chester - not available

This Ceylon has small, broken leaves that produce a strong, thick-bodied brew.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe Fancy - not available

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This is our finest variety of Ceylon, being a rolled, whole leaf tea from Sri Lanka. It is mellow and mild with delicate floral overtones.

$7.00 / lb

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Ceylon Supreme

Savory and full-bodied this black tea consists of broken orange pekoe leaves from Sri Lanka.

$14.70 / lb

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$16.90 / lb

Earl Grey Tea -

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A very popular tea made with Ceylon and China black teas, and then enhanced with fragrant oil of Bergamot.

$14.15 / lb

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Jasmine Flower OUT OF STOCK

Partially fermented and suffused with jasmine blossoms, this sweet Chinese tea has a delicate, contemplative scent.


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This Northern Chinese tea is mild and mellow, with tightly rolled leaves. Its subtle, flavorful brew has a touch of natural sweetness.

$12.30 / lb

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Lapsang Souchong- OUT OF STOCK

A very distinctive tasting tea, Lapsang has large, rolled leaves that are fully fermented and smoke dried over a wood fire. This is a strong, smoky tea.

$9.00 / lb